Spark AR 2 Memory Limits and Image Tracking Workshop 002

Love Marketing Augmented Reality Workshop 02 Image Tracking

In this series, Mark Solis from Love Marketing will go over the practical use cases for Augmented Reality.
We will be using Spark AR Studio from Facebook. A Facebook account is required. A PC or Mac is required for the Spark AR software. This workshop is useful for anyone from students to small business owners.

The Lesson will cover the Image Tracking Template in Spark AR. It will also give you an idea of how you could utilize
AR in everyday print media such as a newspapers , business cards, or direct mail campaign.

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Love.Marketing is a new wave agency based in San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns, and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. We produce video content, professional photography, 3D Assets, 3D Animation, and 3D Scans. Our office is located at 1113 E Houston St. at Alamo City Studios Co-Working space.

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